Friday, August 17, 2007

Mood- Tonight is game night so no knitting..
whine. I feel like knitting not playing cards. I will knit
tommorrw at the cabin.

WIP –The pullover for Boo-Boo is almost finished .. a friend at work showed me the twisted stitch for the bottom ribbing. I finished the other sleeve last night.. but the ribbing is tighter so I will frog the left sleeve and re-do the cuff. I finished another washcloth. I started the “The 5 hour Baby Sweater” revised pattern. I started it a Friday night knitting and they showed me how to do the M1 and knit into the back. Well……….reading the instructions (after your past the 9th row) it say’s to use EZ backward loop M1. That is not what I was shown, or at least what I thought I was shown. “Pick up the bar between the two stiches and knit into the back” is not the same as making a backward loop and put on left needle then knit into the back. Sigh I sure hope I will not have to Frog this sweater too.

What I’m Doing – Game night with the girls.. “Hand and Foot” and potluck then to the cabin tomorrow and some serious knitting on my DH felted slippers.

What Audio Books I’m Listen To
– I finished “At Knit’s End” audio by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, a birthday present and I am starting “Double Homicide” by Faye and Jonathan Kellerman. Good so far.

Tonight:: Partly cloudy. Low 53F.
Tommorrow: Intervals of clouds and sunshine. High 63F.
Sunday: Cloudy with a few showers. High 59F.

Chance of rain 30%.

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