Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August 26th

What I'm Doing – Olympics ended and I finished my project. I picked a simple pattern. "Sprial Socks" by Kathy Meggit. The socks will be for "The Knitters of the North's" fall charity project. I entered it in "Ravellympics' and TEAM ALAKA. This was an easy pattern that I picked on purpose. I knew I could finish the toes during closing ceremonies so I just knit both pairs from one skein using 2 sets of DP sz 5 needles. I would work one pattern repeat with #1 sock then the same set on sock #2. I knew I would do more watching than knitting so the total length is only 13 repeat or 12". A nice pair of socks for a women size 6. There's a method to my madness. I will post a picture later. We leave for vacation tomorrow night. We're going to California for a softball tournament then to Seattle for doctor's appointments then to Oceanshores to visit a friend.

WIP – The "Forrest Canopy Shawl" is on its last repeat, then the edging. I'm taking that and my 2 socks on 2 circulars with me. I also plan on finishing the "Fingerless Gloves". Well Il have to because when we get to Oceanshores I plan on giving them to Bobbies' walking buddy.

What Audiobooks I'm Listen To – I finished "Bones to Ashes" by Kathy Reich. It was so good I'm now listening to "Break No Bones" read by Barbara Rosenblat. The playaway I'm listening to is "The Lincoln Lawyer" by Micheal Connelly. I've been listening while I'm tanning as its light weight and easy to carry in your pocket. I'm listening to "Scream for Me" by Karen Rose on my CD-Player!

What's On My I-POD – "Cast on", Knit Picks Podcast, Letsknit2gether (Video Podcast, and 11 Episodes of "Sticks and Strings". I hope to get caught up while I'm on vacation. I came across "Letsknit2gether" and I've listen to a few. It's very good. Lots of information on knitting and a good listen.

What's On My Night Stand – If finished "Deep in the Heart" by Gilbert Morris now I'm reading book 2 in the Series "Yellow Rose".

Weather – Autumn… fall.. rain

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