Friday, April 27, 2007

Mood - It’s Friday. Horrah! The snow in our backyard is GONE!

What I’m Doing – I am not having a good week. My blood pressure is up again. Looks like I’ll have to be put on BP med. I don’t want to but… I need people to pray for my husband and my son. My husband for health issues with his eyes. And my son for a teaching job. He just got his Masters in teaching with an emphasize in social studies. He doesn’t always interview well but it’s because he’s nervous. He’s really good with kids and is in the top 5% of his class academically. Work is going fine for once. And guess what .. spring has come!

WIP – I still have 6 UFO in progress. I wish I could tell you I’m finished with something but I’m not. The person whom I’m making the baby sweater has a baby!!! But am I done…NO. But I’m coming along – I finished the sleeve and now I’m on the body. I had to rip out 5 rows last night on the body. The only good thing I have to remember is that when I’m done… I won’t have any sewing up or buttons. YEAH. I tried Chase’s sweater on him last week. It almost fits.. just a little big .. so maybe when I’m done with it, it will fit. I am going to frog the neck .. I don’t like the k1,p1 I did. I’m going to change it to k2, p2. I’m almost done with the buttonhole purse but am waiting for my knitting buddy to come home from California. I’m almost finished with a washcloth that I have in the car for in between times.
And the Odessa hat…well that’s on the back burner. Oh yeah the baby booties I had to frog again. So this week has been a Ribbbit week.

What Audio Books I’m Listen To – I finished the “The History of Love” by Nicole Kraus and am listening to “19 Minutes” by Jodi Picoult. This book is 19 disk and I’ve had a problem with disk 10 so I had to skip it. Next up is “Daddy’s Girl” by Liz Scottoline!!

Weather – Mainly cloudy. A few peeks of sunshine possible!!!! High of 49F. Tonight partly cloudy with a low of 36F.

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