Friday, May 04, 2007

What I’m Doing – Work is getting hectic. It’s that time of the year. Today is clean up day. They feed us pizza and we clean up outside the buildings. My husband had a MRI this week and today we get the results. If you read this please say a prayer for him. He’s a cancer survivor. He’s been having some problems with his vision and mild headaches. So we’re getting it checked out.

WIP – I’m working on a “Guidepost’s” Charity child’s sweater. The Top Down Baby sweater is almost done. 2 more rows on the bottom and the finish on the collar. I plan on finishing this week and mailing it to the "new arrivial". Next I need to frog Chase’s sweater and work on the neck and finish the bottom. His birthday party is next Saturday. I better get busy. I want to go to knitting tonight and finish the buttonhole purse. The baby booties still need to be finished. It took me 1.5 hours while watching E.R. to wind the yarn that I dyed last month at the guild's monthly workshop. Phew.. I used a TP roll and that really helped to keep the yarn under control while I walked around in circles.LOL

What Audio Books I’m Listen To – I am still listening to “19 Minutes” by Jodi Picoult. I’m on disk 14 of 18. It good.. about a boy who gets bullied by his peers.

Weather – Mainly cloudy. high of 48F. Tonight cloudy with a low of 38F. Cloudy all weekend.

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