Thursday, April 12, 2007

Home from Arizona!

Mood – Positive - Is SPRING really here? It looks warm but brrrrr it’s 34. Hmmm.

What I’m Doing – We just got back from Arizona. I was gone … for 2 weeks .. that’s why I haven’t posted. The weather there wasn’t that great either. It was warmer than here. This wasn’t an official vacation. My DH went down the first of March to help his 85 year old dad and I joined him for the last 10 days. I still had to cook and clean. I did get to knit and work on our taxes… yuk. It was a break. But now back to the old grind. I’m looking forward to knitting tomorrow night. I taught children’s church last Sunday (Easter) and for the next 2 weeks. Those little guys (4 year olds) are so cute. I haven’t stopped since I got home last Wednesday. Last night I got to visit with my grandson. I went over did a little cleaning, played with him, gave him his bath and put him to bed. He’s such a snuggler and a sweetheart.

WIP – I have 6 UFO in progress. I went to a ‘Top-Down Childs Sweater” 3 hour seminar offered by our local knitting guild before I left on vacation. The teacher and the instructions were very good and we worked on a baby cardigan together. We also learned how to put a button on as we knit. You have to use a eyelet button.. but how slick.. to be able to put the button on the same row as the buttonhole. I’m making this sweater for my good friend in Wa. Her daughter is having a baby boy any day now. My daughter and her daughter were best of friends 1-4th grade before they moved. . I also knit with ribbon yarn, a pair of booties. They just need to be sewn together. They turned out great.. more on the masculine side which I wanted. I was also taking a top down sweater class from one of our LYS. I am making a sweater for Chase from that class. I got the body, one sleeve, and the neck done. I wasn’t happy with the neck, I did a K2,P2 – the teacher said that I would probably be happier with a k1,p1. I was worried about getting it over his head. She’s right.. I will frog it this weekend… hopefully if I have time. I like Top-Down sweaters. I’m going to another seminar offered by our local guild on “Yarn Dyeing” with Nancy Wilder. It should be fun too. We spend a couple of hours last Saturday winding the yarn in 30 ft hanks. I’m excited. We should be able to make a pair of socks. I’m still working on the Odessa Beaded Hat and another felted buttonhole purse. I did finish Lorraine’s socks and we’re going over for dinner on Sunday so I will take them to her!! I hope to post pictures tomorrow!

What Audio Books I’m Listen To – I’ve been listening to several.. “The History of Love” by Nicole Kraus is the current one. I also went to the library at Sun Lakes and check out an audio book produced in Australia. I was good, but different. It took place in Scotland Yard and the USA. I don’t have the name of it with me. I l also listened to “Wild Fire” by Nelson DeMille, “Easy Money” Jenny Siler, “Skeleton Man” by Tony Hillerman, “Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven” by Fannie Flagge, and “When Darkness Falls” by James Grippando, since the last time I blogged.

Weather – A mixture of clouds and sun… Hight of 42F. Tonight partly cloudy with a low of 29F. Winds light and variable… Spring is on the WAY.

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