Friday, March 02, 2007

Here is the bottom of the slippers -
I used "Dip-it" and a Baby syringe
with the tip cut off. This is better
than the "Puff Paints" on laminated floors
that are slippery


lbquilts said...

Hi Linda,
My name is Linda too! I just visited your blog and am going to try the 'sole-dots'!! I have some extra sock yarn that I want to make into socks for my toddler g'daughters. They have wood floors so this looks like an idea I can use! Thanks!
(ps: Love Alaska! We took a cruise several summers

a bit-knit obsessive said...

Thanks for your comment :) The scarf I was referring to was the one you posted a photo of on the 2nd of March. It's absolutely stunning!

Zing said...

I just looked! That pattern is very easy ... just 1 wrap, 2 wrap, 3 wrap, and next row you drop. It was a free pattern from my local knitshop and I will be glad to find and scan in and send you a copy if you send me and email @ Thanks for visiting.
Happy knitting...Linda