Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mood – Our weather is BRRRR cold. Windy with a wind chill factor -15 below.

What I’m Doing – It’s been pretty cold here. Fur Rondy and the Iditarod Dog sled races are starting this weekend. Lots going on at work. People in from the bush. We babysat Boo Boo last weekend. He’s been pretty sick. Has an ear infections and bad head cold. There’s allot of the flu going around. DH is off to Seattle and then to Arizona for a month in the sun. I will join him for the last week. I hope to get allot of knitting done while he’s gone. Oh yes – Spring cleaning too. LOL.

WIP – I finished the drop stitch scarf out of “Cherry Hill” yarn. It turned out very nice. I’m still working on the Odessa Beaded Hat and I’ve started another felted buttonhole purse. I also started a Baby pull-down sweater for Chase. I need to finish Lorraine’s socks.

What Audio Books I’m Listen To – In the last month I’ve listen to “The Devil in the Jr. League”, “True Evil”, “Step on a Crack”, and “Dead Ringer”. Right now I’m listening to “Wild Fire” by Nelson Demille. Lots of computer input means lots of listening time!

Weather – Sunny with wind. COLD. High of 14. Winds N at 25 – 40 MPH.


bunchkin said...

What's up with this weather? Good grief! Didn't they say that this winter was supposed to be warmer than normal? I've missed everybody at knitting on Fridays. i won't be there tomorrow (we're putting in laminate flooring in our kitchen) , but next week I'll be there for sure!

Zing said...

I know ..brrr it's too cold. I haven't been there for the last 2 weeks but plan on being there tonight no matter what!
I'll let everyone know about your
new floors! Have fun with your favorite plumber.