Friday, July 21, 2006

Mood - The weekend is finally here… and another birthday come and gone.

WIP – The tube sock for the “Knitting Ground Sock Challenge” is coming along. I’m on the second sock.. almost to the heel. I’ll take a picture and post. Still working on the Enterlac Purse. I finished the baby sweater .. I just need to finish blocking and add buttons. I’m knitting a matching hat. I’m using my new needles from Knit Picks. I ordered the “Options” interchangeable needle set for my birthday. I was disappointed that they charge me postage… my order was over $75.00. The needles feel good but they keep untwisting from the cable. No instructions.. after looking at the catalog I think I’m suppose to use the lock. They need to include 3 double needle pockets instead of just 2, so all the needle ends will fit. I’m going to order another triple pocket- you need 9 pockets to put all the needle points in. I think I will order a 40” cable set, a viewer sizer, and needle size ID tags. I also want to try the double pointed needles… size 2 I think. I’m sure they won’t pay the postage to Alaska… that burns me because they will ship to New York and that further away from Oregon than Alaska.

What I’m Doing - This weekend is a Men’s softball tournament. So we will be going to those games and the cabin. I hope my DD goes to the cabin .. then I will get some grandma time with Chase.

What Audio Books I’m Listen To - Ten Big Ones” by Janet Evanovich. I’m really enjoying her books. Easy listening and a quick listen - A Stephanie Plum novel. I just finished "Therapy" by Jonathan Kellerman very good 4*. I also finished "Lost and Found" by Carol Parkhurst – different - its about a reality show - 3*. I’m also listening to “Friends, Lovers, Chocolate” by Alex McCall Smith in the car. I love listening to Davina Porter read a book.

Weather - High 63 Scattered Showers..low 54F. 60% change of rain Saturday, Sunday cloudy and some light rain. High in the low 60’s. Not hot.... at least we're not in 100's. My sister lives in St. Louis area and she called .. heat index that day 104 degrees. Phew.

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