Friday, July 15, 2005

Mood – Tired/In pain – recovering from a dentist visit this week.

WIP - I’m working on my Chutes and Ladder socks. I’ve frogged 4 times. I will post a picture. I found some nice purple yarn that I like for the most part. It has a tendency to split L . I’m also working on 2 birthday scarves – both for the same day. One is a “Kandy Mistake Scarf” and the other is out of chunky, ladder ribbon, and what I call bums. It’s red. I will take a picture this weekend and post next week.

What I’m Doing Today – I’ve been surfing the net finding cool Blogs on knitting. I still need to find a blog on how to make my blog “look cool”. I went to the library and I got 2 different books on HTML but when I play around with my blog in “Front Page” it’s a mess. My sister was in town last week and we had a nice BBQ last friday at my DD’s. My DH niece also came for a visit and we had a BBQ on sat. so we are BBQ out. I showed my sister all my knitting books etc. and made some copies of different patterns. I sent home a hat and scarf for my niece. This weekend we have a softball tournament so I plan on working on my cable sox then. Tonight we’ll kick back and watch TV, have a pizza and watch – “Monk”. There is a lot of smoke in the air from the forest fires that are burning wild in the Kenai area. The wind needs to shift and blow from the north. My eyes are burning and it’s getting hard to breath.

Weather - Hot and smokey. Currently 66 High today 72 low 58.

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