Friday, June 24, 2005

It's Summer!

Mood - Sunny

WIP - I finished the “Sox’s that Rock”!!!! And they fit. I’m working on another BD scarf. I’m using a nice cotton yarn called –“Candy”. I will post a picture of both the socks and the scarf soon. I’m working on my “Chutes and Ladders” sock. I’ve frogged 2 times. It’s coming along now, but you can’t see the design or the yarn over's very well so I’m considering using a different yarn?

What I’m Doing Today - Bunco tonight and then to the cabin for the weekend. I will work on work on Snoopy’s doggie sweater and slippers around the campfire. Those items can get “smoky” and full of mosquito dope and be o.k. LOL.

Weather -Warm and sunny. Currently 68 High today 72 low 58.

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