Monday, March 21, 2005

Mood – Warm ..mmmmm!

WIP - Well I finished the 2nd Amsterdam scarf and will give it to a friend for her birthday. I have completed the 2nd plum sock down to the toe (My little friend will have to try them on before I can complete). I'm working on a ribbon scarf

and the "Mistake Scarf". I even started on my "Socks that Rock" so I have allot on my plate. Fun Fun

What I’m Doing Today –Well I'm on vacaction in sunny Az. --- and it's finally sunny. It's been windy and stormy for a week but now I think it will settle down and get warm. We went on a road trip saturday and had a blast. Even went down into Mexico and then to "Old Tombstone". A long day but I got alot of knitting done. I just got done exercising at "Curves" and now am at the local library. I will check out a few Audio books and lots of information books!

Weather - Getting hot!!! Currently 71 and sunny!!!

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