Thursday, March 03, 2005

Mood – Stressed because of work!

WIP - I worked on the “Fishermans Sweater” this past week. I started the sleeves. (see picture) I will have to frog the front and back because it’s too long. If I don’t my ds won’t wear it. I started another scarf for DD out of “Amsterdam” by Lana Gatto made in Italy. Wonderful fiber. We had our granddog for the last 2 week so I got out his “doggie sweater” to see how much I need to alter. It fits better than it did last summer… he’s been on a diet and now it almost fits. Do I start over or wait until he loses more weight?

What I’m Doing Today – Thursday – worship team practice…. Only 2 more weeks and we go on vacation. I will start packing this weekend. Yarn first, audio books next, and then clothes… in that order. Work is very stressful. We’re having our annual Gun Appreciation Dinner and Show and of course everything has to be done now.

Weather - Snowing hurrah … there will be fresh snow for the Iditarod Dog Sled races on Saturday.... partly cloudy with light snow - High 31 Low 25

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