Friday, May 16, 2008

What's up – Well it’s Friday and time to update. It’s Boo Boo’s birthday weekend so it will be busy. Also tonight is game nite. I plan on going by knitting first then on with hubby. The short row seminar last week was good and I was able to work on my short row scarf or rather start over. The technique we learned does look better. I was not picking up my stitch correctly. Next week we gear up at work for the summer. I think things will be a little slower here with the gas $$$. I finished my friend’s babysweater for her Great Grandson yesterday and got it in the mail today. His birthday is the 23 and Boo Boo’s is the 21st so they are very close in age. I also sent Renee her Birthday present. A book on Looming and a small loom for making baby hats.

WIP - I blocked the babysweater using the wet towel method. It worked great. I think finding the buttons and sewing them is one of the hardest things when it comes to sweaters. I think I will always try attached the buttons while I knit.. it makes it so much easier. I started the “Forest Canopy Shawl”. Several people on Friday Nights are knitting. There are several pictures posted on “Friday Night Knits” blog. I also started the “Toe up Socks” – Magic loop technique. Man … finally settled on the “figure-8” cast on.

What Audio Books I’m Listen To – Still listening to "Home to Holly Springs" by Jan Karon. And the car – “2 Minute Rule” by Robert Crais, RB: Christopher Graybill. It’s a book about ex-con Max Holman who get out of jail and tries to connect with his son. The son (a police officer) gets killed before that can happen and Max tries to put the pieces together. Very good so far.

Weather : Is is summer yet?

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