Friday, July 13, 2007

Mood – Good – I’m glad it’s Friday. My nephew is in town for a wedding this weekend
and my son and husband have taken him fishing!

What I’m Doing – I plan on going knitting tonight and then guild meeting tomorrow and then to the cabin after church on Sunday. I plan on buying “Denise Needles” tonight. I will be able to take with me on the airplane,
or so I’ve been told. This week has been a little slow at work.
We’ve been enjoy softball games in the evening and last weekend.
We even took “Belle” with us.

WIPThe buttonhole purse is still on hold. Still working
on the top down sweater for my grandson.I finished the washcloth. Still working on my “Scramble socks” as a small take along project. Right now I’m trying to knit a top down baby sweater.. I’ve frogged 3 times. I really wanted to be finished before we leave for Seattle appointments. I’m using the Encore baby pattern that I used last year, but the yarn over’s increases aren't looking right. I’v frogged 4x’s and I want to scream. I’ve misplaced my other resource book that I used to knit a baby sweater top down last year.. it did not have yarn over increases. The book was called “The Portable Crafter”. So I will go to knitting tonight and look at the sample and get help. Tomorrow is our annual knitting guild picnic.I didn’t think I could go but now there’s been a change of plans and I’m going to get to go I think. I turned in the Guidepost sweater last Saturday at the “Mentors and Masters’ knit in.

What Audio Books I’m Listen To – I finished listening to
“Bad Luck and Trouble" by Lee Child read by Dick Hill . It was very good.I also finished “Light on Snow”
by Anita Shreve read by Alyson Silverman. It was very good. Now I’ve started another Anita Shreve book called "Body Surfing" read by Lolita Davidovich.

Weather : Overcast with rain showers at times. High 58F. Winds
SW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40%.
Tonight: Partly cloudy this evening with more clouds for overnight.
Low 51F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph. Tomorrow: Showers during the morning,
followed by partly cloudy skies in the afternoon. High 62F.

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