Monday, July 23, 2007

Good Report from the Doctors

Just a quick post from the "ocean". Ken's 2 doctors appointments went well! PTL and we're resting near the ocean til thursday then home again and back to the grind. I'm working on a baby sweater make out of "katia Cindy" -made in spain... hmmm I had to frog to many times to remember. Pattern errors... mine own. I was too stressed about the doctors appt.'s but now I'm relaxing with friends and a knitting wizard, so the sweater is coming along. Almost finished with one sleeve. The yoke is complete. It's a pink varigated color (#11). 57% acetate, 47% acrylic polyacrli. I'm trying to continental a little.. but....hmm. Anyway I pray I have enough yarn. Happy knitting - will post pictures when I get home!
Happy knitting. God Bless, Linda

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