Friday, January 12, 2007

WIP - I'm working on a hat or my DD and I'm almost done with my SIL felted slippers..just the last sole and then I can felt. Also working on a Mulit-directional scarf. I've frogged it 2x .. I don't know if I like the yarn .. oh well. I will post pictures soon!

What I'm doingGearing down after Christmas.. it's hard to believe this is
2007. God has been good to my family. I will to go knitting tonight and the Guild tomorrow. It’s finally warmed up now is 30 degrees. Its been in the minus for 2 weeks.. I don't know which is worse. Cold or Ice... and we got 24" of snow that is still being hauled away.

What Audio Books I’m Listen to - I'm listening to the bible.. and trying to do that every day.. It's working o.k. sometimes I have to start over. I'm also listening to "Night Fall" by Nelson DeMille. He's a very good writer.. he research the subject and uses allot of true facts. This is about a terrorist attack .. just what I need to listen to. Oh well very good.

Weather High 39 Low 29… Clear and wet. Winds SW 2-15

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