Friday, May 19, 2006

Mood - O.K. Yeah is Friday. My daughter just called--- Sunday is the big day!!! They are going to enduce.. if she doesn’t have him before. I’m gonna be a grandma!!.

WIP - Catie’s socks are coming along although I seem to have ladder running up the inside of one of the socks. I hope I can tighten. I went to the Melissa Leapman seminar on Monday night. It was great. She is a terrific teacher. She had hand outs that made sense. She didn’t rush us and helped us along. I wish I had gotten to go to some of her other classes. I don’t think I’ll get to use information from “The Niffy Necks” for awhile… but who knows. I did buy her new book... she will ship them next week. I’m going to LYS for knitting tonight. I helped them move last week and I’m anxious to see how the new shop looks. She’s going to try and put some of the yarns by color not by brand. I think people will balk… who know. Alaskans are set in thier ways. I went to a shop in Seattle like that…the people there where SNOBS. What ever you do if you go there… do not ask “Where’s the sock yarn?”. LOL.

What I’m Doing - I plan on working on my flower’s this weekend so I will be spending $$$ at local greenhouse. I sure hope it warms up!!

What Audio Books I’m Listen To - "At Risk" by Patrica Cornwelli. I was a little disappointed.. but I guess with only 4 cd’s she could not get into detailed like she usually does.

Weather - High today 55 Low tonight 36 - The weekend forecast is cloudy and rain. Sundays high is suppose to be 60.....yeah right.

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