Friday, May 12, 2006

Mood - O.K. Yeah the weekend it almost here!!!! And the forecast is warm and warmer still!

WIP - The rib warmer, Ballet V-neck sweater, Catie’s socks, another ponytail hat, a baby sweater… and 3 swatches of the 5 needed for my “Nifty Necks” class. I bought yarn this week to start on slippers for my son-in-law so I have to get them started.

What I’m Doing - My LYS is moving .. tonight and tomorrow so I’m going to try and go over for an hour or so tonight b/4 EHS softball game, and again tomorrow morning. Then yard work and more EHS softball. I’m looking forward to Sunday church and relaxing.

What Audio Books I’m Listen To - Split Second by David Baldacci. I only give it 2.5* .

Not very interesting.

Weather - High today 53 Low 38 The weekend forecast is Mostly sunny… Sunday might get up to 57 -- yeah it rocks~!!

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