Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mood – It’s Tuesday- I'm done with my “big project” at work -finally!! Just small stuff now. I hope anyway. The show will start next monday and end on friday.. hopefully there aren't to many goofs.

WIP - Go look - I posted pictures of some of them… scarf, mitten, pulse warmer, face cloth, and a pair of toe up baby socks. I'm also working on a doggie sweater for “Freda” (like Snoppy’s only smaller).

What I’m Doing – I’ve been busy knitting, since I last posted. I finished the felted bag. I finished one of my DD felted mittens(not felted will wait and felt them both at the same time). I went to my class on “Pulse Warmers” and finished one of them (see picture). I became a “Guild- Knitter of the North” member. I attended the Yarn Expo II and attended a “Toe Up Class” there by Joan Schrouder’s. It was a lot of information to absorb in 3 hours but I did finish the “one sock” last night. I did learn many new things. I will go to knitting tonight at my LYS before Bible study. The sweater class, using “The Sweater Workshop” book was cancelled maybe a blessing in disquise. Phew!!!!

What Audio Books I’m Listen To - In the car -“A Good Yarn” at work - Anita’s Diamant’s “The Last Days of Dogtown”. She also wrote “The Red Tent”. I’m on Disk 6 of 9. Next – “A Breath of Snow in Ashes” by Diana Gabeldon..her lasts book in the “Outlander” series.. I can’t wait. It’s 48 Disks.

Weather - Brr winter is on the way. We are expecting snow soon. High 47F. Low 38F. Winds from the south---5 to 10mph. Partly cloudy this evening, then becoming cloudy after midnight.

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