Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Mood – Wednesday- I wanted to post last week but ran out of time. Boy we’ve been having nice weather. Softball is winding down. Big year end tournaments then to Medesto California for year end tournament. Can’t wait. Then to Oceanshores and lots of knitting with my good friend.

WIP - The Chutes and Ladder socks are almost finished. I hope to post a picture here. I don’t know if I can upload to the 6 SOX ring. I’m starting 2 more birthday scarves. I went to my LYS and got some really nice scarf yarn on sale!!!! Also picked up some kids yarn. I need to steer clear of that place!

What I’m Doing
– Bible school/camp at church was a bust for the knitting class. Only 3 girls signed up. But the rest was a success. My darling husband is going to “Willow Creek” in Chicago for a mens retreat… so we're getting him ready to leave. Then I'll be knitting.

What Audio Books I’m Listen To- I’m on Disk 5 of “The Millionaires” read by Tony Goldwyn. Great read. Spy’s ---Secret Service-- $$$$$$. Good.

Weather -
Plentiful sunshine. High 74. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph. Currently 62 High today near 74 low 57.

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