Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Mood – Good!

WIP - I’m back from vacation and will try and post all the pictures of my projects soon. I’m working on my “Socks that Rock” – I’m having a problem with the second one. The pattern isn’t the same as the first at all. I knew it would be a little different but…. See the pictures. I have started over again at the other end of the skein of yarn to see if the self-pattern will work out. It doesn’t seem to be working but I will have to work a few more rows.

What I’m Doing Today – Trying to get caught up at work and home. Spring has come at last. We came home to snow. Yuk. And our weather in Arizona wasn’t that hot either. It was a break!!!

Weather - Cool and cloudy ---looks like and smells like rain. Currently 45 High today 42 low 34…Mostly cloudy.

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