Friday, October 28, 2011

October in Alaska .... Brrr

It's been awhile but here goes...............

WIP - I've got several thinks going. Owl Sack for a friend's daughters baby... Owl sweater.. which I need to finish.
I got Chase's Christmas stocking out. A pair of socks or 2 to finish.

What I’m Doing – Tomorrow is Devin's 2nd birthday.. it would have been Ken and mines 40th Anniversary. We had planned to go to Hawaii... with our friend who share our anniversary. I'm so glad that they got to go. Our friends from seattle area we're in town this last 2 week. Their kids had me over for Birthday prime rib.. I made potage stew out of some leftovers.. hmmmm good.

What Audio Books I’m Listen To – “Game of Thrones” by George R. R. Martin” “Explosive Eighteern” by Janet Evanovich.

What’s on my Bed Stand/Kindle - "Heaven is for Real" I'm reading this for my book club. It's good. Lots of people don't believe it ... I do! People think everyone is out to make money. "Immature american mind" is what the atheist think. Too bad

Weather - It's getting colder and colder....still no snow!! yeah......

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