Friday, May 21, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Not a lot of knitting beeing done. This is a picture of my charity knitting hat.

I have gotten all my information and paper work for the TKGA "Master Knitting I" course.

Several of us from Knitter of the North knitting guild are meeting monthly to help encourage each other. I don't think I'll mind the knitting but the report writing is not me. With the help and encouragment from my friends maybe I'll finish. I will be working on swatches or should I say "Practice Swatches". .... LOL

WIP: I've started another "Forrest Conopy Shawl" using Knit Picks "Cloud" alpaca. It's seem sticky to me and I'm not happy with the results. I tried to de fuze and boy was that a mistake. Ripped a hole and had to start over. I will work on a little at a time. Still working on my olympic socks they are a little further. I'm also working on dishcloths for my on the go-project.

Have a good weekend... and Happy knitting


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Leslie said...

Hi Linda! Alpaca will make a great Forest Canopy Shawl! Maybe I'll actually be able to get to a Friday Night Knitting or to a KOTN meeting and see you :)