Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mood- I’m tired and stressed both at the same. So much to do and so little time – it’s my work that has me anxious. We are gearing up for our Shooting Sport Show and although things are coming together.. there not. Also my elbow is killing me again. I fell earlier this week, and now my hip pain is flaring up…. I think it’s my sciatic nerve.

WIP – The Ravelympics socks. A swatch for the class on Saturday. I finished the Ear Cozies for Autumn. I love the Strawberry Smoothie pink Lamb’s Pride. I’ll save the xsmall one for charity knitting or maybe a project at the fair that I can donate after.

What I’m Doing - This week is game night. I'll be missing Friday Night Knits thegrounds. My work is piling up… working on a big project at work… so much to do.. so little time.. or rather people aren’t co-operating. Also this saturday I’m teaching knitting at a Diva Day Out at church. I have 1 hour and 20 people signed up. My plan was to let them make thier own needles… I would supply the wood dowls with points.. that was before 20 people. I have made 12 pair and I obtained some from the guild. Thank you Knitters of the North. 3 bible studies … whew Tues, Wed. and now Thursday. Our small group is going to try and meet every weeks while we Walk thru the New Testament in 90 days. At least I’m staying busy that’s for sure. Plan on babysitting the boys tomorrow.

What I’m Watching – The Olympics of course… go USA. Last night I watched Lost.. Boy are things heating up. If I was confussed before? There must be at least 3 time lines to keep track of.

What Audio Books I’m Listen To - I listening to Last Lion the FALL and RISE of Ted Kennedy. Rb: John McDonough - I really like it. On my MP3 I’m listening to Good Wives – Part 2 in the Little Women Series by Louise May Alcott.

Weather : Cloudy Overcast and warm. Melting … the ice is building up on my driveway- and making it hard for me.. I need to chip.

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