Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December Happenings

I've been trying to stay busy.. knitting, cleaning house,
bible study, and cleaning the house. I'm going to have
a low key christmas. I did not decorate. Too hard. Ken
would help me with the tree and the christmas letter.
He also did some of the special treats. I did write a letter
of sorts. But will mail after christmas. I've been listening
to audio books:
On Agate Hill - Lee Smith
Anne Frank Remebered
Scarpetta Factor - Patricia Cornwell
Deep Dark Secret - Kimberly Roby
Rain Gods - James Lee Burke
Plum Pudding Murder - Joanna Flue
The Blossom and the Nettles - Diane Noble
Heaven - Randy Alcon

I've been knitting a project for my "Hand and Foot"
buddys so I can't tell. I've got to knit Chases' stocking
but the pattern isn't here yet... rats.