Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hello from Seattle

What's Going On - Well my husband and I are in Seattle. The last 3 months have been very hard for us. I haven't blogging much. I did try and post pictures of projects. My husband has stomach cancer - diagnoised 1/1/2002. After 9 months of chemo and radiation his scans have been good. Then this past Feb. he started having trouble swallowing but CT scan show nothing, but his tumor marker rose from 7 to 440. After a PET scan - which was delayed because of Mt. Redoubt erruptions - it showed that the cancer was indeed back. But only showed one hot spot - the same spot as before..the junction of the stomach and esphogus. Ken's onocologist in seattle want us to consider stomach surgery. The doctor at Swedish is very good and does this surgery on a regular basis. So it was off to seattle. We we're expecting a month stay. But after the sugeon got in the abdomen and they decided that the cancer has seeded around the stomach and that the surgery would be to hard on Ken and that chemo only would be the only choice. We are disappointed. We know that God is in control. The Dr. was able to put in a stent to help Ken with his swollowing and they also placed a feeding tube for use later down the line to help keep Ken hygrated. Enough about that - now on to knitting.

WIP - I've finished "The Cable Knitted Vest" before we left, And have finished the "Slouch Socks". I started
Seamless Baby Kimono by Jacki Kelly. I love this pattern and I'm almost finished,

Audio Books - I've been listen to some downloaded books on my SANSA- "Lone Star Calder" by Janet Dailey. Yesterday I finished 74th Seaside Avenue by Debbie Mc Comber
and "The Art of Mending" by Elizabeh Berg. I've been downloading from the "Lending Library". The selecting is pretty good,

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Martina in AK said...


It's Martina. I am praying for you and your husband; I am so sorry to hear that the cancer is back. My father had esophagus cancer...I completely understand what you are going through and pray that God strengthens you. If there is ANYTHING I can do for you, please let me know.I will check back at your blog to hopefully see how things are going...