Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

What I'm Doing – Well it’s New Year’s eve…. the Christmas season is coming to an end. This is usually my favorite time.. and it is.. but it’s been soooo cold here. We were going to the cabin this weekend but that’s not going to happen. I took a few days off… so.. I’ll be knitting I hope. Tonight we’re going to friends for our annual New Years eve card game night. Tomorrow is football, football, did I mention football.. and this afternoon was …you guessed...... football. Tommorrow will be Prime rib and Yorkshire pudding. Then friday night FNK Friday NightKnits @ the ground and a little finger food and visiting and of course knitting!

WIP – I’m almost done with the baby hat. I frogged the “Odessa Hat” and have been knitting on that. This time I’m using markers and counting every row. I havea habit of forgetting the yarn over.

What Audiobooks I'm Listen To – I just finished “Scarpetta” by Patrica Cornwell.5*** one of her better books. They have all been good. This one excellent. I’m listentingto “Gone”by Jonathan Kellerman. Read by John Rubinstein. An Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis book very good so far.

What’s On My Night Stand - “The Gold Coast” by Nelson De Mille. I’m reading this so I can read or listen to “The Gate House” which is a sequel.

What's On My I-POD – 4 episodes of "Sticks and Strings" and “Knitpicks”.

Weather - Bitter cold. Mostly clear. Low around –10F downtown -30 in Muldoon where I live. BRRRRRRR. 10:14 am Sunrise,… 3:53 pm sunset.

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