Friday, October 10, 2008

October 10, 2008

What I'm Doing – Friday- that means FNK (Friday Night Knits@thegrounds tonight) . Tomorrow KON meeting. We’re getting set for next weeks “Knit and Crochet Out”.

WIP The "Swirl" fairisle hat project is coming along. I will post another picture you can also see it on my Ravelry page. I started another baby hat for a car project. I really need to work on my “Odessa” Beaded hat. I also need to work on the baby sweater.

What Audiobooks I'm Listen To I finished “The Broken Window” by Jeffery Deraver- a Lincoln Ryme Novel. I really liked it and I listened to and finished a playaway from the library called “The Innocent” by John Grisham. Whow it was based on a true story. How sad that some police can take advantage of their authority and think they can do no wrong. I had another playaway Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier but I just couldn’t get into it.. the reader was – boring. I’m listening to “The Camel Club” by David Baldacci rb: Jonathan Davis. All syp and government and CIA guys. I hope I can stick with it. I finished the
adorable book “A Tooth in Time” by Sue Henry and I loved it.. it talk about knitting and weaving and she is an Alaskan writer and she talks about Alaska and she has a Dashund too named Stretch. I just loved it.

What's On My I-POD "Cast on", Knit Picks Podcast, Letsknit2gether (Video Podcast, and 11 Episodes of "Sticks and Strings". I still haven’t listen to but I have been listening to Knik Picks Kelly Pelicum on my computer at work during lunch. She does have some good guest and she is getting easier to listen to… she becoming more familiar with the routine I think.

What's On My Night StandOver the Misty Mountain” by Gilbert Morris

WeatherRain, Wind, Snow UUUUGG High 35.

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