Friday, April 25, 2008

Mood- Happy - off to "Friday Night Knit" at "The Ground" tonight. I can't wait to see all my knitting friends. But it's snowing .. and they say don't drive....

WIP - Finishing on a baby sweater that my late friend. Needs to be done by May 5th. Whoops I better hurry. I will post a picture of WIP. I am also working on 2 socks at the same time. I am going to frog though.

What Audio Books I’m Listen To - I've been listening to "Sticks and Strings" and "Knitpick Podcast" with Kelley Petkum. The subject is interesting... but I wish she would just read her script. I don't exactly know what it is.... She talks then a long pause.. anyway when she interviews people she's allot better. She is improving.

Weather : It's snowed today 6 inches and is still snowing. Is it really spring or is it "Global Warming"?

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