Thursday, November 02, 2006

WIP - The butttonhole purse I’m making for DD is coming along. The "Elizabeth Zimmerman Ribwarmer" is not working out. I put the “I cord” trim on but, I pulled to tight and I will have to pull out and start again. The finishing class on Monday was fun and I learned a lot. I worked on DD sweater. I would like to finish it for Christmas. Only the neckline to go. I did a few rows on Lorraine’s green sock. I need to take a pictures. I'm looking for a new camera

What I’m Doing – The work week is done! Now we need to process all the orders. I want to go knitting tonight and maybe to the Guild tomorrow. It’s turned very cold. Right now its 10 degrees. We've got a new dog – Well new to us – “Belle” – she’s a four year old Dachshund – she’s very nice. Pictures to follow. We will have to watch her closely around Chase and Snoopy and she's very protective. My DH –who did not want us to get another dog is getting along with her! And my DS loves her. She’s kennel trained and rides very well in a car! ?She v very loving and a sweetie.

What Audio Books I’m Listen To - I just finished "The Prince of Beverly Hill” by Stuart Woods. Very good now I’m listening to “The Rapure” by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.

Weather – High 24 Low 16 … Clear and cold. Winds NNE 5-10mph

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