Thursday, February 03, 2005

Mood – I’m in low spirits. Too much sadness this week. Too many friends that are ill.

WIP - I’m still working on those baby socks. Almost done. I went to my LYS and signed up for a class that meets on Saturday afternoon. I can’t wait. It’s a 6 week class over 2 months (spring break in the middle). Started a ribbon scarf last night- well really the night before but frogged that one because I didn’t like.

What I’m Doing Today – Work and Worship practice tonight. Although I might go with DH to a BB game after. Finally put Christmas to bed so the house is back in order. It’s been below ZERO all week so we cleaned out the freezer. That wasn’t to bad – re-organized. We still have a lot of salmon, venison, and a little moose to carry us over. Didn’t get to watch “Lost” or “Alias” :-( last night but I recorded and will watch this weekend.

Weather - Brr – Freezing cold. It’s been as low as 20 below this week. It gets up to around 10. At least it’s been sunny - almost warm. Currently –4
High today 7 Low 2. Light snow?

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