Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Mood – Cheery - It’s warming up and it’s sunny !

WIP - I worked on the baby socks this weekend but ended up froggying them- and started over only 24 stitches on size 4. Also worked on WIP Blue scarf – I didn’t work on “Fishermans sweater”.

What I’m Doing Today – Work and Bible study tonight. I am going to post weekly I think. Had a busy weekend. A baby shower then I worked on songshow plus, trying to change the sermon notes and add a picture. Then I went to a stamping party before I went home and put away the Christmas decorations. Still need to take down the tree. Sunday was church, lunch and then small group, I worked on a WIP scarf a blue cotton.I will post a picture. DH went with the neighbor yesterday to the dentist. Maybe he’ll take the tree down today. We need to plan the garden. We might just plant flowers. That would be fun

Weather - Warmer than last week... partly cloudy - high 35 low 25

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